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Just Product Talks

Each month, Just Product hosts a livestream and invites a member of the Just Product community to give a ~20-minute talk on the Product topic of their choice, followed by Q&A. Just Product Talks are open to everyone and are a fantastic way to learn from fellow Product practitioners.

Upcoming Just Product Talks

Just Product Live #2: Tim Frietas

Wed., April 12, 2017 @ 7PM ET

#2: Building the Best Possible Roadmap For Your Team

Tim Freitas

How do you balance between Marketing, Executives, Engineering, Sales, Operations, Finance, customer feedback and your own ideas of what you think is right for the product? Tim will share insights and framework and tips on how he has been able to accomplish this effectively across several different types of companies and organizations (from startups to large corporations, and from consumer-focused media companies to developer-focused infrastructure products).

Just Product Live #2: Kristen Womack

Wed., May 17, 2017 @ 7PM ET

#3: Product Analytics: Understanding What Customers Want Without Asking Them

Kristen Womack

Coming Soon.

Past Just Product Talks

March 15, 2017

#1: The Secret Product Manager Handbook

Nils Davis

Nils presents some new ways to think about product management (how to tell people what you do so they understand!), and talk about the project of creating a repository of all the things he wishes someone had told him when he started.